Occupation : The Policies and Practices of Military Conquerors. Eric Carlton.

Occupation : The Policies and Practices of Military Conquerors

Savage MD: Barnes & Noble Books, 1992.

First US Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket. Item #13510
ISBN: 0389209813

Slight wear; DJ slight wear. Crisp NEW hardcover. ; How does a successful conquering power retain control of the land it occupies often in the face of hostility? In Occupation, Eric Carlton explores the methods employed by dominant powers to ensure their supremacy and considers the critical relationship between military authority and civilian population. In exploring this complex relationship, Dr. Carlton covers both the nature of control and its practical implementation. Working from the premise that the ideology of the occupying power conditions the exercise of power and that control is gained either by compulsion or persuasion, he examines the options available to the aggressor nation in maintaining authority. These, he suggests, include both the use of force and the implementation of forms of social controló legal, moral and religious preceptsóas well as the utilization of the social norms of the occupied nation. In order to demonstrate the wide variety of control policies used, Dr. Carlton presents a spectrum of case studies, with examples ranging from the Roman Empire to British colonialism in India and the exploitation of Peru by the Spanish. Particular attention is given to the Nazi atrocities of the Second World War, and to the moral aspects of military repression. Contents: Analyses of power -- Assimilation : the expedient policies of the Roman Empire -- Re-education : British colonialism in India -- Culturation : the neo-colonialism of the United States in Latin America -- Reconstitutionalization : the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great -- Malintegration : Japan and the Greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere -- Arbitary repression : Mussolini and the Italian African empire -- Exploitation : the Spanish in Peru -- Subjugation : Europeans and the indigenes of North America -- Depredation : the Assyrians and population transfer -- Selective control : Nazi non-Eastern occupation policies -- Extermination : Nazi policies and practices in the "east" -- Excursus : the Holocaust and the SS intelligentsia -- Afterthoughts on models and morality -- Postscript : the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. ; 198 pages.

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