Item #13686 Thermomechanics of Evolving Phase Boundaries in the Plane. Morton E. Gurtin.

Thermomechanics of Evolving Phase Boundaries in the Plane

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.

First Edition; Second Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine with no dust jacket. Item #13686
ISBN: 0198536941

Slightest wear. Crisp NEW hardcover. ; "one of the few books on the subject of mathematical materials science. It discusses the dynamics of two-phase systems within the framework of modern continuum thermodynamics, stressing fundamentals." Table of Contents: Introduction I.Kinematics 1. Curves 2. Evolving Curves 3. Phase Regions, Control Volumes, and Inflows II. Mechanical Theory of Interfacial Evolution 4. Balance of Forces 5. Energetics and the Dissipation Inequality 6. Constitutive Theory 7. Digression: Statistical Theory of Interfacial Stability; Convexity, the Frank Diagram, and Corners; Wulff Regions 8. Evolution Equations for the Interface: Basic Assumptions 9. Stationary Interfaces and Steadily Evolving Interfaces 10. Global Behavior for an Interface with Stable Energy 11. Unstable Interfacial Energies and Interfaces With Corners 12. Non Smooth Interfacial Energies: Crystalline Energies 13. Regularized Theory for Smooth Unstable Energies; Dependence of Interfacial Energy on Curvature III. Thermodynamical Theory of Interfacial Evolution in the Presence of Bulk Heat Conduction 14. Review of Single-phase Thermodynamics 15. Thermodynamics of Two-phase Systems 16. Constitutive Theory 17. Free- boundary Problems 18. Instabilities Induced by Supercooling the Liquid Phase. References. Index.; Oxford Mathematical Monographs; 148 pages.

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