The Messerschmitt Me262 Combat Diary : The Story of the World's First Jet Fighter in Battle. John Foreman, S. E. Harvey.

The Messerschmitt Me262 Combat Diary : The Story of the World's First Jet Fighter in Battle

Sussex: Air Research Publications / Phalanx, 1995.

Illustrated by Illustrated. Revised Edition. Hardcover. Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket. Item #13785
ISBN: 1871187303

Slight wear; Dust Jacket slight wear. Crisp hardcover. ; Only 380 of the production of 1,294 Me262s reached the fighter units. "This book is an account of an aircraft born in war; the Messerschmitt 262 fighter and fighter-bomber, which with a single step placed the Luftwaffe at least five years ahead of their opponents in the field of aviation technology and fighter performance. ... When it did appear, the western Allies received possibly one of their greatest shocks of the war. Their best fighter aircraft had, at a stroke, become obsolete, for the jet aircraft enjoyed a speed superiority of more than 100 mph over the fastest Allied fighter escort fighter, the North American P-51D Mustang, and could enter combat or disengage at will. It also carried the heaviest armament in the world, four 30mm cannon, which with a single round could destroy an Allied fighter and required an average of only three strikes to bring down a heavy bomber. When this armament was supplemented by a battery of air-to-air rocket missiles, the result was, as one B-17 gunner was to say 'A nightmare fighter.' ...This is the story of that aircraft, the men who flew it, and those that fought against it, often told in their own words. It includes all known air engagements between Allied aircraft and the Messerschmitt 262 units." - Introduction. ; 405 pages.

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