Japan and the Soviet Union (Part I). Donald S Detwiller, Charles Burton Burdick.
Japan and the Soviet Union (Part I)
Japan and the Soviet Union (Part I)

Japan and the Soviet Union (Part I)

New York: Garland Publishing, 1980.

Hardcover. Very Good with no dust jacket. Item #14005
ISBN: 0824032942

Library stamps/marks/labels/pocket/slip, otherwise light wear. Crisp hardcover.; Reproduces three major Japanese authored and American edited post-war monographs. 1. Japanese Operational Planning Against the USSR (1932-1945) (Japanese Special Study on Manchuria, Volume I) "This study records the Japanese operational planning and operational plans prepared for use in Manchuria against the USSR up to and during World War II. According to Japanese sources, the plans outlined herein, while current, were known in their entirety to only five officers of the Imperial General Headquarters and the Kwantung Army Headquarters." - Preface. 2. Intelligence Planning Against the USSR Army (1934-1941) (Japanese Special Studies on Manchuria, Volume X) "This is an account of the intelligence network developed by Japan's Kwantung Army and Manchukuoan Government in Manchuria against the USSR from 1931 to 1941. Although it gives a few examples of intelligence services, it deals primarily with organization, and makes only brief references to the Pacific War years." 3. Small Wars and Border Problems Through 1938 (Japanese Studies on Manchuria, Voluem XI, Part 1 to 3 A) "This consists of three parts, the first of which deals with border problems, clashes and incidents, and border policies. Part 2 covers border garrisons and fortifications, while Part 3 is concerned with the major incidents of Changkufeng and Nomonhan." This volume only contains Part 3 A, Changkufeng [Battle of Lake Khasan], as Part 3 B, Nomonhan [Khalkhin Gol] is contained as part of volume 11. ; War In Asia And The Pacific; Ex-Library; Vol. 10; 191, 119, 133, 86, 158, 8 ad pages.

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