The Mapa de Cuauhtlantzinco : Or, Codice Campos. Frederick Starr, Aztec chief Tepostecatzin, Spanish, José Vicente Campos.

The Mapa de Cuauhtlantzinco : Or, Codice Campos

New York: AMS Press, 1976.

Illustrated by Illustrated. Reprint Ed. Hardcover. Near Fine with no dust jacket. Item #14212
ISBN: 0404119042

Slight wear. Crisp hardcover.; A commentary on the Codice Campos with reproductions of the paintings, chiefly by Tepostecatzin, together with the Spanish inscriptions (translated from the original Aztec text by José Vicente Campos) and with an English translation from the Spanish. Reprint of the 1898 ed. published by the University of Chicago, which was issued as Bulletin no. 3 of the University of Chicago, Dept. of Anthropology.; 38+ pages.

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