Penny Wise : A Story Book. Erwin Oscar Freund.
Penny Wise : A Story Book
Penny Wise : A Story Book

Penny Wise : A Story Book

Chicago: Printed by Acme Corporation, 1942.

Illustrated by Leo R Weeks. First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Very Good with no dust jacket. Item #14322

Light cover warp, rubbed spine head and tail, light tone, otherwise light wear. Solid oversize hardcover. ; Inscribed by author in 1942 on signature page: "For CKatherine S Rogers "Mike" The first child born at Tulgey Wood". Set of stories, loosely linked by an 1864 penny "Penny Wise". "Here are the memories of my youth, interspersed with stories heard or concocted in the meanwhile. ... This is the only page written for grown-ups. All the rest are for the amusement or entertainment of my grandchildren. ... If they make me re-live in the existence of those whom I cannot possibly see to grow to adulthood, they will have fulfilled the purpose for which they were written." Erwin O Freund invented the artificial casing for sausages and hot-dogs, founding the company Visking (later Viscase). His later 200-acre homestead, the Tulgey Wood mentioned in the Inscription above, was his joy. When Met Lab wished a property to expand beyond its University of Chicago home, they eyed his land. "In 1936, Erwin O. Freund, a sausage titan who invented the skinless hot dog, named Tulgey Wood, his new estate, after the forest in Alice in Wonderland. Freund was extravagant and eccentric. He placed small, painted carvings of Tweedledee, Tweedledum, and other Lewis Carroll characters along bark trails through the property. He kept two pet chimps plus sheep and peacocks, raised championship boxers in an air-conditioned kennel, and dug limestone-lined lakes for boating in summer and ice-skating in winter. When a clothier friend gave Freund seven fallow deer—a species called Dama dama, which are born tan but in adulthood turn completely white—he cared for them, too. Freund put up a fight when he learned that the Met scouts had settled on Tulgey Wood as the lab’s new home. He decided to employ “every means at my command for as long as necessary to prevent its being seized from me.” The government’s intent was to buy, not seize, the property, yet Freund battled to keep his estate. The dispute went on for a year, when, in 1947, Freund died of a sudden heart attack, allowing the federal acquisition to proceed." - Steve LeVine; The Powerhouse. The author's Tulgey Wood has become Argonne National Laboratory. The quirkiness is included in the book, Penny Wise. He concludes the book with an incomplete story, The Three Wishes, and challenges his heirs. "Old Grandpa Freund ... offers a reqard to that one of his grandchildren born before January 1, 1958 who on or before his or her becoming fifteen years of age writes the best finish to The Three Wishes. This reward, and the detailed conditions, are all in a Trust created especially for the purpose. The older grandchildren may have to wait a long time for the final decision, but Grandpa and Grandma Freund wkno they won't mind giving the younger ones a chance. They both hope the winner is - guess who? That's right - YOU!!" Here is your chance to experience the whimsy of Erwin O Freund through this copy. ; (x) 159 pages; Signed by Author.

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