Item #4507 Sensors for Environment, Health and Security : Advanced Materials and Technologies. Marie-Isabelle Baraton.

Sensors for Environment, Health and Security : Advanced Materials and Technologies

Dordrecht: Springer, 2009.

Hardcover. Near Fine with no dust jacket. Item #4507
ISBN: 1402090080

Slight wear. Crisp NEW copy.; Table of contentsPreface. Materials And Technologies.Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Characterization in Relation with Gas Sensing Phenomena; A. Gaskov and M. Rumyantseva.- 2. Spectroscopic Study of the Gas Detection Mechanism by Semiconductor Chemical Sensors; M-I. Baraton.- Material Growth and Fundamental Material Characterization Techniques; S. B. Sadale and G. Kiriakidis.- 4. Mesoporous Indium Oxide for Gas Sensor Applications; T. Andreu et al.- Synthesis and Examination of Hexagonal Tungsten Oxide; Nanocrystals for Electrochromic and Sensing Applications; C. Balázsi et al.- Tin Oxide from Organo-Metallic Compounds: Material’s Properties and Sensor Characteristics; R. Pavelko et al.- Defect Chemistry of Sensor Materials; F. Manea et al.- Light-Induced Generation of Singlet Oxygen in Porous Silicon; V. Timoshenko.- Selectivity Improvement of Semiconductor Gas Sensors by Filters; A. Ryzhikov et al.- Systems and Set-ups for Effective Sensing Response Applications; G. Kiriakidis et al.- Carbon Composite Electrodes Applied for Electrochemical Sensors; F. Manea et al.- Photonic Sensors for Health and Environmental Monitoring; A. Aksnes.- Sensors Based on Technology "Nano-on-Micro" for Wireless Instruments Preventing Ecological and Industrial Catastrophes; A. Vasiliev et al.- Development of a Parallel-Computing Embedded Telemetry System for Voltammetric Microsensor and Biosensor Applications; M. Hebel and P. A. Serra.- Inductively Coupled Telemetry; G. Horler.- Applications To Environment, Health And Security. Biosensors; A. A. Karyakin.- Bacteria Detection – Biosensors; G. S. Ignatov et al.- Surface Chemistry to Bridge Inorganic Biosensor Surfaces and Biological Materials; K. Jans et al.- Singlet Oxygen Generation and Detection for Biomedical Applications; V. Timoshenko.- Response of Nerve Cell to Inhibitor Recorded by Aluminium-Gallium-Nitride FET; M. Gebinoga et al.- Microelectronics-Based Biosensors for the Detection of Proteins and Nucleic Acids; W. Laureyn and L. Lagae.- Bionano-Microbiology; G. S. Ignatov et al.- Optical Sensors for Carbon Dioxide and their Applications; A. Mills.- Oxygen Indicators in Food Packaging; I. A. Mills.- Sensory Conversion Devices; P. Medelius.- Development of Biological Sensors Based on Screen-Printed Electrodes for Environmental Pollution Monitoring; A.-M Gurban et al.- Development of Flow Immunosensors for Organic Pollutants; J. A. Gabaldon et al.- Sensors for Monitoring Air Quality in Earth and Space Environments; P. Medelius.- Determination of the Mutagenie Effects of Pollution by AMES and Neural Networks; M Petek and B. Karlik.- Polyaniline-Based Environmental Gas Sensors; A. Haynes and P.-I. Gouma.-. Sensor Science for National Security; E. Hardy et al.- Radiation and Nuclear Materials Detection Research and Development at ORNL; J. Hardy and M Wright.- Author Index, Subject Index.; NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security; 497 pages.

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