Volatiles in the Earth and Solar System : Pasadena, CA September 1994. Kenneth A. Farley.

Volatiles in the Earth and Solar System : Pasadena, CA September 1994

New York: American Institute of Physics Press, 1995.

Hardcover. Very Good with no dust jacket. Item #4737
ISBN: 1563964090

Library stamps/marks/labels/slip, otherwise light wear. Crisp copy.; Outgrowth of an international conference held at Caltech in September of 1994 ... the Deep Earth and Planetary Volatiles conference ... sponsored by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Coordinating Committee for Cooperative Studies on the Deep Earth Interior"--Pref. Contents: Storage and recycling of H2O and CO2 in the earth / B.J. Wood -- Seismic evidence for the occurrence of volatiles below 200 km depth in the earth / G. Nolet -- Subduction and volatile recycling in earth's mantle / S.D. King and J.J. Ita -- Mantle devolatilization and rheology in the framework of planetary evolution / S. Franck and Ch. Bounama -- A unified model for terrestrial rare gases / D. Porcelli and G.J. Wasserburg -- Primitive xenon in the earth / G. Igarashi -- He-isotopic investigation of geothermal gases from the Tabar-Libir-Tanga-Feni Arc and Rabaul, Papua New Guinea / K.A. Farley, D. Patterson, and B. McInnes -- Halogen geochemistry of mantle fluids in diamond / R. Burgess and G. Turner -- The origin and evolution of the terrestrial alkali element budget / K. Lodders and B. Fegley, Jr. -- Formation of carbon species in terrestrial magmas / A.A. Kadik -- Solar system formation and the distribution of volatile species / J.I. Lunine, W. Dai, and F. Ebrahim -- Comets, impacts and atmospheres II. Isotopes and noble gases / T. Owen and A. Bar-Nun -- Dynamics of volatile delivery from outer to inner solar system / W.M. Kaula -- Surface ices in the outer solar system / T.L. Roush, D.P. Cruikshank, and T.C. Owen -- Water on Mars and Venus / T.M. Donahue -- Nitrogen and its isotopes in the early solar system / J.F. Kerridge -- How many Martian noble gas reservoirs have we sampled? / T.D. Swindle -- Degassing history and evolution of volcanic activities of terrestrial planets based on radiogenic noble gas degassing models / S. Sasaki and E. Tajika -- Mercury's atmosphere and its relation to the surface / A.L. Sprague and D.M. Hunten -- Structure and bonding in hydrous minerals at high pressure: Raman spectroscopy of alkaline earth hydroxides / T.S. Duffy, R.J. Hemley, and H.K. Mao -- Thermodynamic stability of hydrous silicates: some observations and implications for water in the Earth, Venus and Mars / A. Navrotsky and K. Bose -- Stability of hydrous minerals in H2O-saturated KLB-1 peridotite up to 15 GPA / T. Kawamoto ... [et al.] -- CO2 and H2O in the deep earth: an experimental study using the laser-heated diamond cell / X. Li, J.H. Nguyen, and R. Jeanloz -- Dense hydrogen in the outer solar system: implications from recent high-pressure experiments / R.J. Hemley ... [et al.] -- Recycling of hydrated basalt of the oceanic crust and growth of the early continents / R.P. Rapp -- Impact-induced degassing of noble gases from olivine / S. Azuma ... [et al.] -- Solubilities of nitrogen and argon in basalt melt under oxidizing conditions / A. Miyazaki, H. Hiyagon, and N. Sugiura -- Loss of solar He and Ne from IDPs in subducting sediments: diffusion and the effect of phase changes / H. Hiyagon. ; AIP Conference Proceedings; Ex-Library; Vol. 341; 290 pages.

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