Item #7106 Muscle Physiology and Cardiac Function. Lincoln E. Ford.

Muscle Physiology and Cardiac Function

Traverse City MI: Cooper Publishing Group, 2000.

First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Very Good with no dust jacket. Item #7106
ISBN: 1884125727

Price label residue, rub, otherwise slight wear. Crisp hardcover. ; "Covers the biology of animal movement from the molecular mechanisms of muscle contraction to the treatment of heart failure. Describes competitive selection of specific body dimensions in athletic events. Explains how natural selection adapts muscle function to body size in different species. Discusses the functional consequences of wrapping linear muscle into a hollow organ that pumps blood. Elucidates principles through historical descriptions of observations and experiments." Contents: Part I: Basic Mechanisms / 1. Muscle Structure, Gross Appearance, Microscopic Appearance, Ultrastructure, Molecular Structure, Parallel Elastic Elements, Robustness of Contractile Mechaisms, / 2. Muscle Contraction, Physical Dimensions, Isometric Contraction, Shortening Contractions, Heat Production, Instantaneous Parameters, Integrative Parameters, Chemical v. Thermodynamic Efficiency, Recovery Reacations,/ 3. Crossbridges, Sacomere Length-Force Curve, Crossbridge Theory, Transients, Thermodynamic Model, Two-Stage Attachment, Tests of Crossbridge Mechanisms, Mechanical Additions, Evolution of Crossbridge Theory, / 4. Work from Chemical Reactions, Biochemical Studies, Whole Muscle, Naked Myrofibrils, / 5. Activation, Calcium, Internal Membranes, Contractile Proteins, Calcium Transients, Skinned Fibers, Signal Transmission, Cooperativity, / 6. Length Dependence of Activation, Filament Interactions, Decreased Activation at Short Lengths, Length-Force Relations,/ 7. Mechanical Manifestations of Activation, Active State, Force-Velocity, / 8. Fatigue, Heat, Metabolites, Glycolysis, Acidosis, Hypoxia, Ischemia, / 9. Smooth Muscle, Length Range, Structural Plasticity, Evanescence, Structure, Myosin, Activation, Slowing, / 10. Comparison of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle, Similar Contractile Mechanisms, Speed, Calcium Activation, Action Potential, Nervous Inneravation, Hormones & Drugs, Cell Size Part II: Whole Body Function / 11. Some Consequences of Body Size, Muscle Speed & Power, Elastic Scaling, / 12. Optimum Sizes for Some Athletics, Body Dimensions, Short Limbs, Limits on Growth of Muscle, Frame to Muscle Characteristics, Men v. Women Part III: Cardiac Function / 13. Hemodynamics / 14. Cardiac Anatomy / 15. Geometric Principles Applied to the Heart / 16. The Frank-Starling Law of the Heart / 17. Inotropic Mechanisms / 18. Pathophysiology of Heart Failure / 19. Treatment of Heart Failure / References.; viii, 418 pages.

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