Item #8551 A Treatise of Daunces (Anonymous) [and] A Godly Exhortation. John Edward Field, Arthur Freeman, Fielde.

A Treatise of Daunces (Anonymous) [and] A Godly Exhortation

New York: Garland Publishing, 1974.

Reprint Ed. Hardcover. Very Good with no dust jacket. Item #8551
ISBN: 0824005880

Library stamps/marks/labels/pocket, otherwise light wear. Crisp hardcover.; Reprint of A Treatise of Daunses, wherin it is shewed, that they are as it were accessories and depédants (or thinges annexed) to whoredome: where also by the way is touched and proued, that playes are ioyned and knit together in a rancke or rowe with them. 1581; and of A Godly Exhortation by occasion of the late iudgement of God shewed at Parris-garden, the thirteenth day of Ianvarie ... by Iohn Field. London, Printed by R. Walde-graue, for H. Carre, 1583. (STC 10845). "They had a veritable field day against urban entertainments in January of 1583 when a gallery full of bear-baiting fans in Paris Garden on the south bank of the Thames collapsed on one wintry Sunday afternoon killing eight servants and artisans outright, and leaving at least 150 other specators grievously maimed. ... Within a week of this Elizabethan Hillsborough, the puritan publicist John Field had produced A Godly Exhortation, prefaced by a trenchant epistle to the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, whom he boldly reproached for having failed to take sustained action to eliminate such nests and nurseries of intolerable impiety hitherto." - Alexandra Walsham; Providence in Early Modern England; page 135-136. ; The English Stage: Attack and Defense 1577-1730; Ex-Library; 8, [37], 8, [40] pages.

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