Item #9599 The Science of Bradley Efron : Selected Papers. Carl N Morris, Robert Tibshirani, Bradley Efron.

The Science of Bradley Efron : Selected Papers

New York: Springer, 2008.

First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine with no dust jacket. Item #9599
ISBN: 0387756914

Slight wear. Crisp oversize hardcover.; Includes 21 journal articles by statistician Bradley Efron. This title also includes a useful index, Professor Efron's bibliography, and comments by former students. Contents: Foreword / Bradley Efron --Preface to this Special Edition / Carl Morris and Rob Tibshirani --Publications / Bradley Efron --1. From 1965: The Convex Hull of a Random Set of Points --2. From 1971: Forcing a Sequential Experiment to be Balanced --3. From 1975: Defining the Curvature of a Statistical Problem (with Applications to Second Order Efficiency) --4. From 1975: Data Analysis Using Stein's Estimator and its Generalizations (with Carl Morris) --5. From 1976: Estimating the Number of Unseen Species: How Many Words did Shakespeare Know? (with Ronald Thisted) --6. From 1977: The Efficiency of Cox's Likelihood Function for Censored Data --7. From 1977: Stein's Paradox in Statistics (with Carl Morris) --8. From 1978: Assessing the Accuracy of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator: Observed Versus Expected Fisher Information (with David V. Hinkley) --9. From 1979: Bootstrap Methods: Another Look at the Jackknife --10. From 1981: The Jackknife Estimate of Variance (with Charles Stein) --Photos of Bradley Efron: 1956-2007 --11. From 1982: The Jackknife, the Bootstrap and Other Resampling Plans [excerpt] --12. From 1983: Estimating the Error Rate of a Prediction Rule: Improvement on Cross-Validation --13. From 1986: Why isn't Everyone a Bayesian? --14. From 1987: Better Bootstrap Confidence Intervals --15. From 1993: An Introduction to the Bootstrap (with Robert Tibshirani) [excerpt] --16. From 1996: Using Specially Designed Exponential Families for Density Estimation (with Robert Tibshirani) --17. From 1996: Bootstrap Confidence Levels for Phylogenetic Trees (Correction) (with Elizabeth Halloran and Susan Holmes) --18. From 1998: R. A. Fisher in the 21st Century --19. From 2001: Empirical Bayes Analysis of a Microarray Experiment (with Robert Tibshirani, John D. Storey and Virginia Tusher) --20. From 2004: Least Angle Regression (with Trevor Hastie, Iain Johnstone and Robert Tibshirani) 21. From 2004: Large-Scale Simultaneous Hypothesis Testing: The Choice of a Null Hypothesis --President's Comer by Bradley Efron (AMSTAT News, April 2004): "But What Do Statisticians Do?" ; Springer Series in Statistics / Perspectives in Statistics; xxv, 499 pages.

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