Item #9601 Recombinant Poxviruses. Matthew M Binns, Geoffrey L. Smith.

Recombinant Poxviruses

Boca Raton FL: CRC Press, 1992.

Hardcover. Near Fine with no dust jacket. Item #9601
ISBN: 0849361796

Slight wear. New hardcover in shrinkwrap. ; Recombinant Poxviruses provides a comprehensive examination of poxviruses with an emphasis on the potential of these viruses as new vaccines. The book considers a wide range of issues involved in producing new genetically engineered live vaccines, such as efficacy, safety, stability, cost, host range, immune response, immunization route, use of multivalent vaccines, and need for revaccination. The opening chapter describes the origin of vaccinia virus, its use to eradicate smallpox, and the pathogenesis of poxvirus infections. Subsequent chapters examine the molecular biology of poxviruses, methods of constructing vaccinia virus recombinants, and applications; the use and immune responses induced by poxvirus recombinants as live vaccines; and the important issues of the safety and immunogenicity of vaccinia virus. The book's final two chapters report the progress that has been made developing avipoxviruses and parapoxviruses as candidate recombinant vaccines. Recombinant Poxviruses will be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of virologists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, and veterinarians. Contents: Vaccinia virus as a vaccine, and poxvirus pathogenesis / Frank Fenner --Molecular biology of poxviruses / Bernard Moss --The design, construction, and use of vaccinia virus recombinants / Geoffrey L. Smith and Michael Mackett --Poxvirus recombinants as live vaccines / William I. Cox, James Tartaglia and Enzo Paoletti --Development and deliberate release of a vaccinia-rabies recombinant virus for the oral vaccination of foxes against rabies / Paul-Pierre Pastoret ... [et al.] --Immunogenicity and antigen presentation / Marion E. Andrew, Barbara E.H. Coupar and David B. Boyle --Safety and attenuation of vaccinia virus / R. Mark L. Buller and Gregory J. Palumbo --Avipoxvirus vectors / Michael E.G. Boursnell --Parapoxviruses: their biology and potential as recombinant vaccines / Anthony J. Robinson and David J. Lyttle.; 368 pages.

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